From old Victorians to Craftsman Bungalows, beautiful woodwork is a key feature on all the historic homes along the front range. Our experienced carpenter on staff can repair, restore, or recreate those features using materials that respect the building’s heritage. Conservation is the best and most cost effective way to preserve a historic home, that is why we work hard to make sure that original woodwork is not needlessly destroyed. Our team can do everything from custom trim and repair to built-ins and cabinets.

Our services include,

  • Facade & fascia repairs
  • Crown Molding & Baseboards
  • Built Ins
  • Custom Trim
  • Wood Windows & Doors
  • & more

Quality Carpentry

Our lead carpenter, Shahdie Abusaeedi, has worked over 25 years  in general construction and 15 specializing in carpentry and epoxy wood restoration. She is highly skilled in wood window restoration as well as general repair of historic interior and exterior millwork. Rely on us to do additions, renovations or repairs that will merge seamlessly with your existing home. We prefer to leave no mark in the historic fabric except that of the original builder.

Combining a strong knowledge of Colorado architecture with classic carpentry skills, we are able to make repairs that disappear into the original historic wood. Our goal is to make the long lasting repairs to woodwork damaged by time, exposure or neglect. Above all, we strive to meet the highest standard of historic preservation in Colorado.

Our carpenter will carefully select the right woods for your project, matching the veneers and finishes in your home . 

Also, we will match any stain to your existing finished woodwork, providing real  samples of every color to be used before applying to ensure that the matches are as accurate as possible.


Let Powher Carpentry & Consulting  help you with your next historic building project. Contact us today either by email at or by phone at 720-339-6965