PowherCC specializes in historic windows & doors, performing expert restoration of fixed and double hung wood window sash from the late 1800’s to the 1960’s.

Do you need a single window repaired, or a houseful full of windows that need to be restored? PowherCC can help you with that, while adding minimal disruption to your living space, or, above all, your routine.  We have refined our skills to provide the best restoration services in the Denver metro area.

Historic windows and doors are an integral part of a buildings story. They speak volumes about the history integrity of a structure.  But even more than looks, a properly restored window is an environmentally sound investment that is both energy efficient and requires little maintenence. New windows are only meant to last 15 or 20 years. However, a properly restored wood window from Powher Carpentry & Consulting will last at least another 60 to 100 years. Furthermore, no historic building is quite the same after having its eyes patched with replacement units. So, don’t replace your old windows, restore them. It is better for your home, for your pocket book, and for the environment.Check out this article from Forbes Magazine for more information on the subject.

Our Services Include

  • Correct Operation
  • glass replacement
  • glazing putty repairs
  • exterior sill repair or replacement
  • weatherstripping & energy efficiency
  • re-ropes
  • Hardware restoration or replacement
  • & more

Our mission is to to present our clients with historic windows that  retain their character and function as if they were new. Call (720)339-6965 for an appointment.