When you are painting a historic home you want it done by people who will give it the attention to detail it needs. PowherCC are those people. We will perform the most thorough preparation to be found to ensure a clean, durable and long lasting paint job. And this is just the beginning of our service. With over 15 years experience painting historic homes and a color specialist on staff we have what it takes to make it shine.

Our services include,


  • Interior and Exterior Painting
  • Custom trim
  • Color Consultations (Color Specialist on staff)
  • Repair, patch & stabilize plaster surfaces
  • Hand scraping/sanding, power sanding, & other paint stripping methods
  • Filling in Nail, screw holes & gaps to provide a seamless appearance
  • Experience in cutting lines in historic homes & painting on textured walls

Commitment To Quality

Our owner and lead painter is a skilled craftswoman with advanced knowledge in paint removal & application methods that will maximize neatness, appearance & durability. We stand behind and support all of our work with a 2 year warranty, provided that recommendations, either written or verbal, are followed (Product warranty is as stated by manufacturer). In the unlikely event that something needs attention during that time, we will respond quickly & effectively.

Premium Products

We use only premium quality primers, paints, caulk, and other materials, such as Benjamin Moore Paint. It may seem more expensive, but the investment will ensure superior appearance, durability and extend life span which will save you money in the long run.

Cleanly Service

PowherCC ensures proper respect & protection of your property. That includes floors, carpets, door hardware, and other non-painted surfaces. Cleanliness is a vital part of our process. We clean the job site during and at the end of every day as well as at the end of the job. It is our pledge to leave the job site as clean, or cleaner than when we arrived.

Convenient Service

We will work around your schedule and create a project plan to suite your specific needs, such as scheduling around other renovations, as well as making special considerations for children and pets, or coordinating with business schedules and museum hours.


Historic homes can be energy efficient. Schedule an appointment with us and we can caulk and winterize your home as well as consult with you about tips on how to make your home more environmentally sound and lower your energy bills.

Our services include,

  • Caulking -windows & doors (interior & exterior: a must for energy efficiency)
  • kitchens/ baths
  • trim


We are committed to only the highest quality service, because we believe that this is the source of our future business. Call (720)339-6965 for an appointment. We look forward to the opportunity to discuss your painting needs.